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Eat a bagel & drink some coffee w/ me.

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*throws in big words mid sentence so u know i fuck wit books*

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You should try this. If something/someone/anything gets you instantly upset stop. Stop and think. Think to yourself, “an hour from now will I still be upset about this?” If the answer is no then forget about it just as instantly as you got upset. This works for bigger issues as well. Just this time ask yourself, “a day/month/year from now will I still be upset?” If no, then forget about it. If yes, try to stay calm and think of the most logically yet heart-felt way you can deal with it. This will definitely save you a lot of time & stress. You will find yourself to be happier more often. And hey, who doesn’t want that? Life’s too messy in itself to add more mess to it. Find the positive. Be the positive.

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Alameda, CA

Alameda, CA

September 24, 2014


1 word poem 
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Wounded // Hangar 18

Wounded // Hangar 18

September 20, 2014

Hangar 18

September 20, 2014